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We supply EXOCET Additive for AGA and Rayburn which can help prevent service problems for your cooker and heating system.

According to EXOCET, their additive is designed to improve the burn quality of kerosene. For example, it can reduce the build up of carbon and soot deposits, lower the potential for fuel tank corrosion and increase the shelf-life of the fuel.

These quantities are based on a ratio of 200ml:1000 litres of kerosene.

If you are unsure about EXOCET additives or want to speak to one of our friendly team members for more information, please call us on 01548 852110.

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Top Up Service

Remove the worry of an empty tank in the winter months, our ever-increasing top up service allows us to top up your tank whenever we pass through.

Monthly Payment Scheme

Spread the cost of your fuel throughout the year with the F J Emery Oils monthly payment scheme.


We stock quality EXOCET additives for your AGA or Rayburn.

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